Pet Therapy

The Therapeutic Power Of Pets
At The Broadway, our residents enjoy numerous health benefits that come from our innovative pet therapies. Residents interact with a variety of pets, ranging from show animals to fair animals, and even horses!

Meet Bailey Mae! Our Certified Therapy Dog

The best medicine for some medical or mental health issues isn’t just medicine at all … it’s pet therapy.


To reap the many benefits of animal therapy, The Broadway has their very own pet mascot and certified therapy dog, Bailey Mae, a beautiful and loving golden retriever. She recently completed a two-month training camp where Bailey worked intensely with trainers on obedience and therapy. After walking through the doors of The Broadway each morning, Bailey’s workday interacting and helping residents doesn’t stop until her afternoon nap.

Pets and people are a great combination!

Studies show that simply the nature of some animals make them instinctive healers for humans, providing unconditional love, emotional presence, and true companionship.


We’ve also seen first-hand the positive impact the human-animal bond has had on our residents. Pet therapy has been known to boost well-being and help improve health issues including high blood pressure and anxiety.


The benefits of pet therapy for seniors are abundant and may include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Releasing endorphins that have a calming effect
  • Reducing anxiety and loneliness
  • Diminishing overall physical pain
  • Stimulating memory
  • Increasing socialization and sense of community

  • Improving verbal communication
  • Motivating physical activity
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Reducing boredom and loneliness
  • Improving assisted or independent movement