Games & Crafts

Promoting Engagement & Uplifting Spirits
By combining interactive games with practical crafts, residents enjoy an engaging experience that supports both mental and fine motor skills.
The Broadway’s signature Games & Crafts program engages residents with unique, fun activities that can be shared with their families. While new activities are added all the time, a few of the popular ones are listed below.

Coupon Clipping

Coupon clipping might as well be called a sport at The Broadway. Our residents have gotten pretty skilled at skimming local and national newspapers to spot new coupons. They also strategize together by combining existing coupons with new sale ads to maximize savings. The Broadway caregivers are there to offer a helping hand whenever needed.


So as not to waste any coupons, the expired coupons are rounded up and mailed to national military bases for military personnel to use at the commissaries where coupons never expire.


Coupon Clipping is a fun and practical craft-like project that helps promote social engagement, a sense of comradery among residents, and fine motor skills.

Floor Bingo

Floor Bingo is a regular, weekly activity that encourages fun in The Broadway community and a sense of connection between the residents, their families and caregivers. The players gamble for prizes, such as popular snacks (diabetic-friendly options available), mugs, and even cash.

The Price is Right

Perhaps the most exciting of them all is The Price Is Right game. At The Broadway, we don’t need Bob Barker to host our own on-site game show. Teams of residents, family members and CNAs take their best guess at the correct prices of items purchased from a local grocery store. The team who guesses right wins the item to keep.


During the guessing, the price may not always be right, but the mood is always light and uplifting.