Live & Local

Live Music That’s Local And Soulful
With a community called The Broadway, of course we have some of the best entertainment around with live music concerts performed by local up-and-coming artists.
It wouldn’t be called The Broadway without our signature Live and Local music program, beloved among all residents. Ranging from jazz and rock to classical and folk, there is no shortage of variety in the types of music residents have to look forward to.


Residents enjoy live concerts from different musicians twice a week every Friday and Sunday at 2 p.m. The La Rose Band, a favorite among The Broadway community, volunteers to play every month during our monthly birthday celebrations. As the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, lovely melodies fill the community with an uplifting spirit that’s contagious to all.

Our residents experience many benefits from Live and Local, including increased mobility, improved mood, and a higher quality of life. We’ve seen residents engage with the music in different ways. Those who are capable will sit or stand up to dance and some will sing along while others listen quietly as they get lost in the sweet serenade of a live guitar or violin.