Kitchen Therapy

Cooking Demonstrations Spur
Social Connections
Who needs Rachael Ray’s “Five Ingredient Recipes,” when you can have your “Three Ingredient Fix” at The Broadway?
The Broadway’s signature Kitchen Therapy program is an insightful and fun-filled weekly cooking demonstration that teaches residents how to make affordable meals using only three ingredients. The dishes always turn out nutritious and even more delicious.

Kitchen Therapy is led by staff members who are knowledgeable about recipes and nutrition and have a spirited passionate for Louisiana cooking. Our staff members regularly whip up signature favorites along with new and unique recipes. Residents thoroughly enjoy learning a few cooking tips as they watch the dishes being prepared. But what they love even more is when it’s time to sample the completed dishes.


Residents now look forward to cooking demo days, and some have even nicknamed the session, “three-ingredient fix.” Kitchen Therapy spurs laughter, social connections, and joyous memories among residents. They also look forward to sharing some of the recipes with their family members.